Empowering Innovation Through Cloud Architecture, DevOps, And DataOps

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Driving Innovation

RightBrain Networks has a long history of being ahead of the curve. We launched our first Amazon EC2 instance in 2007 and brought a machine learning product to market in 2012.

We were the catalyst that enabled a Michigan-based software company to quickly evolve into a SaaS company and achieve a $1 billion exit. We also launched the first autonomous vehicle simulation pilot program for a major automotive brand in the public cloud.
Ready to Drive Innovation?

Our mission is to empower our clients to shift entire business landscapes via transformative people, processes, and technologies.

Elevate Your Cloud Journey

At RightBrain Networks, our Cloud Architecture Consulting services are designed to help you build a resilient, scalable, and cost-efficient infrastructure. Whether you're migrating existing workloads or starting fresh, we provide the expertise and strategic insight to transform your cloud environment.
We focus on automation, monitoring, and best practices to ensure fluid cloud operations.
Operational Excellence
We implement rigorous security controls and privacy measures to keep your data safe and compliant.
Security, Privacy and Compliance
We design for high availability, effective disaster recovery, and fault tolerance to keep your applications dependable.
We optimize your resources and infrastructure to deliver high-performance applications that can scale with your needs.
Performance Efficiency
We help you align your resource usage with your business objectives, reduce waste, and ensure cost-effective cloud operations.
Cost Optimization

Unlock the FULL potential of the cloud with our innovative architecture strategies, delivering scalable solutions to drive growth and agility.

Ready to Drive Innovation?

DevOps Transformation

At RightBrain Networks, our DevOps Consulting practice will bridge the gap between development and operations, empowering your team to innovate rapidly and deliver high-quality applications at scale. We collaborate closely with your team to understand your specific use case, streamline workflows, and build a culture of continuous improvement.

With RightBrain Networks, you can harness the power of DevOps to accelerate delivery, optimize operations, and stay ahead.

Ready to Drive Innovation?

Our Approach

We conduct an assessment of your current practices and identify areas for improvement.
Assessment & Strategy
Our experts design and implement CI/CD pipelines tailored to your specific requirements.
CI/CD Implementation
Streamline your infrastructure provisioning with robust, reusable code templates that foster consistency and reduce human error.
Infrastructure as Code
Our monitoring solutions deliver performance insights, enabling real-time optimizations for reliability and scalability.
Monitoring & Optimization
We help establish a culture where  collaboration and shared responsibility become second nature.
Cultural Transformation

DataOps Evolution

At RightBrain Networks, our DataOps Consulting services empower your organization to navigate the complexities of modern data management. By harmonizing DataOps with your DevOps and data science practices, we ensure your data strategy supports real-time insights and rapid innovation.

Why DataOps?

As data volume, velocity, and variety continuously expand, traditional data management methods fall short. DataOps emerges as a pivotal force, aligning data management with Agile methodologies to enhance the speed, quality, and accessibility of data analytics.

Our Expertise

We create streamlined workflows to ensure data is accessible and primed for strategic use, transforming raw data into a cornerstone of decision-making.
Strategic Data Management
Our approach breaks down silos between data scientists, engineers, and business analysts, fostering an environment that accelerates insights and innovation.
We architect and implement a modern data infrastructure that supports the rapid iteration of data processes from ingestion to insight.
Cutting-edge Infrastructure
We incorporate rigorous governance to ensure your data's integrity, compliance, and security requirements are met.
Governance & Security

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