Empowering Innovation:
The RightBrain Networks Story

Founded in 2010 by our CEO Jamie Begin, RightBrain Networks has been a catalyst for innovation and growth, partnering with dozens of organizations over the years. Jamie often shares his founding vision: "I wanted to create a company that I would want to work for."

In our early days, we embraced the DevOps movement and excelled in crafting AWS cloud solutions. Our customers were impressed by our ability to deliver version-controlled infrastructure and deployment automation. We quickly carved out our niche, helping software companies enhance their capabilities through DevOps enablement and advanced cloud architecture solutions.

While the technology landscape has evolved, our mission remains steadfast: to drive innovation. Often, this starts with the essentials—identifying cost savings or unraveling technical debt. We're up for the challenge, knowing that the road to innovation requires determination and resilience.

Recently, our focus has shifted towards DataOps, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, disciplines we believe are fueling the next wave of innovation, much like DevOps and cloud computing did in the 2010s.

Below, you’ll find more about who we are at RightBrain Networks—straightforward, without corporate jargon. Thank you for your interest, and let's continue to innovate together.

Our Core Values

The characteristics we look for in our team members and our partners.
We enthusiastically seek out and wrestle challenges, even if we don't yet know if we can conquer them. We do the hard things precisely because they're hard. "Struggling" is just a pessimistic take on "growing."
Real Grit

People with a growth mindset believe that their abilities and intelligence can be developed with effort, learning, and persistence. In contrast, individuals with a fixed mindset believe that their abilities, intelligence, and talents are innate traits that cannot be significantly changed. There is no place at RBN for people with a fixed mindset.
Own Your Experience
Challenge both the status quo and, especially, your own assumptions. Simple truths are often hidden in needless complexity because we're all pretending to be grown-ups. To better our clients' situations we must simplify problems and, to do that, we need to first understand the problems. More often than not, the solutions are rooted in psychology rather than technology. We have to keep asking "why?" to get there.
Be Curious
Everyone is on their own, personal mission in life and we all need help reaching those goals. This is the most noble of our core values. Pointed advice is discouraged in favor of experience sharing. Either ought to be solicited before dispensing. When possible, do not rob someone of their agency and a growth opportunity by imposing your judgement for theirs. Sometimes the best option is just to listen with a sincere curiosity.
Empower Others